Fun apps for you!

Stop Mo turns your video into stop motion animation. Easy & fun.

“Stop motion” is an animation technique employed in film industry. In stop motion, film frames captured at normal speed are played at slower speed, resulting in interesting intermittent movement of the filmed object.

StopMo makes it easy for you: Just load a video file and choose desired visual/sound effects and frame rate.  Sit back and watch StopMo animation made in front of your eyes, frame by frame.  Check out the demo StopMo videos below.

Premium features in StopMo Pro include:
1) Supporting various video formats QuickTime Movie (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v), MPEG-2, MPEG-1, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AVCHD, AVI (Motion JPEG only), DV, etc - basically all formats supported by QuickTime on your computer.
2) Pencil sketch effects using lines or dots.
3) Brightness & vibrance control.
4) Optional notepaper background.  32 papers to choose from.
5) Dozens of music/sound clips to add to StopMo video.

Note that StopMo renders video frame by frame and pixel by pixel using a proprietary algorithm which may take quite some time.  The actual time depends on hardware specs, frame rate (default = 3 frames/sec), video dimensions/length and selected effects.  Please be patient while StopMo is generating the output video.  It’ll worth your wait.


PDF Collator Pro is a must-have tool if you work with PDF documents - Re-arrange, Convert or Compress:

1) Re-arrange pages within and between PDF documents - Add, Move, Delete.
2) Save as non-editable, image-based PDF (size scalable up to 4096x4096 px). A non-editable PDF keeps your document from being accidentally altered by other users.
3) Convert PDF to JPG, PNG or TIF format and save each page as a single image file (up to 4096x4096 px).
4) Compress output non-editable PDF or JPG files to save space.

Get your PDF job done. Fast and easy

Caricature Creator creates the exaggerated, hilarious and satirical illustration of a face. You don’t need to be a professional illustrator – just load a face picture and use simple sliders to control how you want to change facial features. A random distortion generator automatically creates a variety of renditions for you to choose from for starters. Also included are special effect filters – sketch, poster, comic, halftone, edge, line and dot – to bring your character to life.

This is a unique and professional tool that you’ll find very handy when creating caricatures regardless of you being an amateur or a professional artist. Enjoy!

System requirement: Mac OS 10.7 or later.  Picture format supported: PNG, JPG, TIF.  Maximal output resolution: 4096x4096 pixels.  Bonus feature: Double click the rendition to open ImageEdit panel for editing brightness, contrast and other special effects.

Elemento transforms your picture into basic elements - metal, wood or fabric! This unique app lets you become an instant artist, whether you are an amateur or professional. With Elemento, all you need to do is to load a picture and this app will immediately render it with metal, wood or fabric texture of your choice.

Premium features include:
- Output resolution up to 4096x4096 pixels
- Supported image format: JPG, PNG, TIF
- Print, save and share
- 24 different kinds of texture for each of the metal, wood or fabric element. Customize your own texture combination!
- 8 texture presets for each element. Use these combos for a quick spin.
- Adjust brightness zones (highlight, mid-tone and shadow) with easy-to-use sliders.
- Scrolling window allows you to zoom, pan and crop.
- ImageEdit Panel (double-clicking to call up) allows adjustments for brightness, contrast, sharpness etc and adds additional photo effects e.g., sepia.

Need to protect your privacy? Don’t want your boss to walk in on you using computer for something else? Don’t want your spouse or children to walk in on you when you surf the web? Don’t we all just need some privacy at work or home once in a while to check bank accounts, Facebook friends or family photos that are nobody else’s business but yours?

Boss Screen gives you freedom to do whatever you please on your screen. When others get near you and you don’t want them to see what’s on your screen, simply jerk the mouse a few times. A fake screen will show up to cover up whatever you were viewing a moment ago. You may use the built-in fake screens (fake Login, Finder, Utility, etc) for convenience, or use any screen snapshot of your choosing. Just create your own – whatever you want others to think you’re doing.

Boss Screen can also be used as a screen saver. When you need to walk away from your desk and don’t want to leave the screen for random people to see, use Boss Screen to call up a screen of your own.

Please note that Boss Screen is only meant for providing superficial camouflage to let you catch a break. An astute person might still be able to see through it or use Command + Tab to switch between applications and find out what you’re doing. Use at your own discretion and risk.

Some features in “Boss Screen Pro” include:
-4 built-in Boss Screens and 5 Custom Screens.
-Press Command + Shift + 3 to capture any screen you want to show as Boss Screen.
-Supports up to 2 monitors, each has 5 custom screens.
-To call up Boss Screen, simply move mouse left and right or back and forth quickly a few times. Mouse sensitivity is adjustable.
-Password protection (optional) allows for enhanced security on resume.
-Low-profile icon on upper-right corner and not shown on Dock to avoid suspicion.

Create your own professional looking poster instantly without hassles. Simply load a picture and Photo to Poster will automatically convert it within seconds. You can tweak the poster/cartoon with easy-to-use controls. Custom results are just a few clicks away! Make your own poster/cartoon today.

Premium features in the Pro version include:
- 36 color presets. Use the color combinations we choose for you for a quick spin.
- All colors are customizable without limit. You may modify the existing color presets.
- 27 professionally designed frames to make your poster pop.
- One-click switch of 7 flavors of poster style while keeping color theme consistent.
- 30 patterns (e.g., dots, lines, grids) to choose from to blend with colors for an enriched feel. Pattern colors can be assigned to match any of the colors used in the current color theme.
- Quick Mode: For convenience, large pictures are automatically downsized to best fit the viewing window and make image processing much faster, especially if your original picture has a very large size. You may still print and save the poster with its original dimension and high resolution by checking this option off right before printing/saving.
- Support output size up to 4096x4096 pixels.
- Read and write image formats: PNG, JPG, TIF.
- Zoom or pan to inspect the poster and crop any region of interest to render.
- Double click to call up the ImageEdit panel for image fine-tuning such as brightness, contrast, sepia, sharpness – available for both original picture and output poster.

- Make glamorous photos with smoother skin
- Dreamy & softener effects

If you've ever wondered why the models in magazines always have such perfect skin, here's your answer: Face Makeover is remarkably effective at transforming your photos into something that could quite easily go into a copy of Vogue. Now you can do it easily on your computer!

Face Makeover Pro includes softener effects that glamor photographers use to smooth skin imperfections. Adding softener effects to a photo gives it a soft, dreamy haze that leaves skin looking as good as a magazine cover model. It's perfect for close-up photos and portraits - any photo where you want to see the face, but not the blemishes.

- Supported image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG
- Output size up to 4096x4096 pixels.
- Save, print and email.
- Crop, zoom and pan. Select any region for rendering. Examine your artwork easily.
- Use built-in ImageEdit panel to adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness etc.

Also included are several special-effect filters that make your pictures cartoonish, poster-like, or impressionistic. Face Makeover Pro is intended for avid graphic designers and art lovers.

Pencil Sketch automatically converts your picture into a sketch, with style! Now you can become an artist and create your own graphite drawing like a real professional! Simply load a picture and the sketch is created within seconds. Our award-winning, proprietary sketching algorithm is powerful, fast and accurate.

- Realistic sketching feel!
- Supported image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG.
- Sketch up to 4096x4096 pixels.
- Save, print and email.
- Sketch on note papers of your choice.
- 32 note papers as background.
- Crop, zoom and pan. Sketch anywhere you want. Examine your artwork easily.
- Use built-in ImageEdit panel to adjust original picture’s exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness before sketching.
- 3 different sketching styles: lines, dots and curves.
- 3 different edge effects for your sketch: Hatched, gradient and none.
- Control 7 levels of line intensity by an easy-to-use slider.
- Control 7 levels of color saturation by an easy-to-use slider.