Fun apps for you!



Turn your picture into a sketch of bitty dots.

Render with adjustable lines.

Realistic sketch lines on a variety of papers.

Control darkness & color saturation.

Make your picture a crayon drawing.

Random style.  Every sketch is unique.

Simplistic ink lines.

Color sketch with a touch of softener effect.




Make glamorous photos with smoother skin.

Look younger.  Free of wrinkles, freckles & moles.

Shave off or add extra pounds to look sexy.




A style to believe in.

Making a poster has never been this easy.

Cartoonize yourself with push of a button.

Dreamy, glamorous & cartoon-ish. 



Lace face with circuits. Become a cyborg.
Fancy and dazzling.  Dreaming. Colorful.
Cover with leaves, flowers and tree barks.
Knitted texture. Feels like a sweater. Warm & cozy.
Shiny or rusty, you decide.


Tile yourself with color mosaic patterns.

Wear animal skin. Tiger, zebra, giraffe, leopard.
Looks like wood. Feels like wood.


Subject jumps right out of picture. Vivid & alive.
Looks like an architecture or engineering design.
Impressionism at its best. Visually pleasing.
Reprography. Chic gradient background.
Ink wash painting. Expressionistic.
Choose your own oil paints. Modern style.

Turn your picture into an oil painting.

Paper embossing. Make subject float.



Add lovely animal icons to your picture.

Blend in rainbow colors. Ultra fancy.

Add textured background to your picture.
Romantic, mysterious, Chinese tattoos.
Change outlines to interesting shapes.


Professional collection of spectacular pyrotechnics.
HQ orchid pictures. Exotically beautiful.


Create iPhone-style glossy icons.